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  "Christian Growth Album"   (8 CD messages)  - $30.00
Eight timely messages for the maturing believer.
Here are eight messages which will help you grow and mature in the faith.  Each message preached and recorded live at the Pastor's School in Jacksonville, FL.  Sermon titles include:    

The Ministry Of Thorns, Fishers Of Men, The Danger Of Lawless Grace, Good Soldiers, In Search Of Foolishness, The Sons Of Jesse, Jacob Or Paul, Covering The Cross

  "Junior Hill In Revival"   (8 CD messages)  - $30.00
Revival at FBC Jacksonville, FL

These messages were recorded live in revival at FBC Jacksonville, FL.  Sermon titles include:

A Way That Seems Right, Excuses, God's Final Call, The Judgment Day, Satan's Lies, Thou Foul!, When The Door Is Shut, Life's Greatest Choice

  "Junior Hill at Pastor's School"   (8 CD messages)  - $30.00
Here are eight of Junior Hill's most requested sermons from the Pastor's School at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL.

They were recorded live and include the following messages:  A Cup Of Cold Water, Hindrances To Scattering Seed, The Shame Of Neighing Horses, The Valley Of Baca, Itching Ear Churches, Lessons From A Flower, Dumb Dogs, The Ministry Of Carrying Bones.

  "Why Do Christians Doubt Their Salvation?"   (4  CD messages)  - $20.00

Have you ever wondered if you were really saved?  Does doubt and uncertainty plague and paralyze you?  These four messages take a serious and frank look at the reason for this common malady. Chapter titles include: 

Doctrinal Stance, Defeats By Sin, Depression Of Spirit, Direction Of Satan

  "A Touch of Humor"   (1 message)  - $10.00

This CD was recorded at the Georgia Baptist State Senior Adult Convention at Jekyll Island, GA with over 1500 senior adults. May it in some way make your heart merry and bring a brief moment of respite form the constant pressures and heartaches of a troubled world. "Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop; but a good word maketh it glad." (Proverbs 12:25)

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