Junior Hill Ministries






      As many of you may already know I was very ill for
the last four months of 2016. While my sickness was not
life threatening, it did leave me tired, depleted, and unable
to travel.  As a result of that struggle I was forced to cancel
all of my fall meetings.

     After over 50 years in evangelism, that was a first for me – and most distressing!  But thankfully, the Lord has given me a touch of grace and healing and I am now back on the road and excited to be preaching once again.

     Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the
unbelievable out pouring of concern so many expressed
through calls, letters, and emails.  I will forever be grateful
for those gestures of kindness!

     The attached schedule reflects only the first six months
of my itinerary and hopefully will make the perusal of it less
time consuming.

     As you view these engagements, I would be honored if
you would pray for each of them – and if I happen to be in
your area – please come!  It is always a joy to hear from you by email at revjrhill@Aol.com.

email Bro. Junior at revjrhill@aol.com