Junior Hill Ministries



    Once again it is a real joy to post my yearly preaching schedule. Since 1967, when I first entered full-time evangelism, it has always been extremely busy – and this year is no exception.  While I have been attempting to do fewer meetings, it appears that has not happened.
      Like last year, I have chosen to divide my posted schedule into two segments. The first five months are being listed now and the summer and fall engagements will be shown later. That seems to have made the site a little less cumbersome for those who often check where I am speaking   and are kind enough to regularly pray for me.
      I would especially ask that you pray as I speak to thousands of pastors in various conferences and venues across the nation.  Many are weary and discouraged and I sincerely want to offer them a word of hope.
      I always enjoying hearing from friends and prayer partners across the country and I invite you to stay in touch by writing me at the web address below.  

email Bro. Junior at revjrhill@aol.com