Junior Hill Ministries

            It is with much gratitude that I post my 2016
speaking itinerary.  For the 49th consecutive year
the Lord has given me a packed schedule – and at
my age - probably TOO PACKED!
          Once again I rejoice that I will be able to go to
a great variety of venues.  I am especially honored that
I will have the joy and privilege to speak to thousands of
pastors at conferences and conventions across the country.
          Many of these dear men labor in hard and discouraging places - constantly buffeted by a culture that no longer respects God or honors those who serve Him.  Do pray that in some way I may be able to lift and encourage their spirits.
          The new book, “Songs In The House,” is doing really well. Many have found it a helpful gift for family members or troubled friends. If you have not yet ordered it, it is posted on this site with the convenience of purchasing it through PayPal which accepts most all major credit cards. 
          It is always a joy to hear from you by contacting me at revjrhill@aol.com.

email Bro. Junior at revjrhill@aol.com