Junior Hill Ministries



  It is a real joy to once again post my yearly preaching schedule. For the 47th consecutive year it is wall to wall busy! I continue to be amazed that after all these years I am still constantly overwhelmed with invitations to speak.  As a matter of fact, in the past two years I have listed so many engagements on this site, they have become somewhat cumbersome for the web page readers.

  In light of that, this year I have chosen to list my schedule in two separate segments – the first five months now and the summer and fall schedule a little later. Hopefully, this will make the perusal of the site a little less intimidating to those who consult it regularly and are faithful to pray for me.

  The closing weeks of 2013 were the greatest and most fruitful meetings I have ever had.  Please pray that 2014 will be equally blessed.

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